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Ever wanted to have an easy interface to manage images in your WYSIWYG editor? No need to get used to a different image browser when switching your editor!

iBrowser is an image browser plugin for WYSIWYG editors like tinyMCE, SPAW, htmlAREA, Xinha and FCKeditor developed by net4visions. It allows image browsing, resizing on upload, directory management and more with the integration of the phpThumb image library.

Click here to download the latest version.

If you need more features like image processing, please have a look at the iManager.

iBrowser has been confirmed to work with the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. It has been integrated in many CMS systems like MODx, Etomite, Xaraya, Joomla, Mambo and many more. iBrowser can easily be adjusted to your layout using CSS.

As long as I'll have the time to do it, I'll try to help anyone who ask for some help with iBrowser implementation or for little customizations, but I'll definitely favour people that make a donation (see the bottom of this page).


You will need to compile PHP with the GD library of image functions for iBrowser to work. If you use CSS styles for images and/or image caption, please make sure that the used css styles also exist in your site's stylesheet AND the WYSIWYG editor content area stylesheet.

Permission settings

Make sure the following directories have writing permission (chmod to 0755):

  • ibrowser/scripts/phpThumb/cache
  • ibrowser/temp
  • image directories...


Check the configuration settings in config.inc.php - the configuration of iBrowser is straight forward - it depends on what WYSIWYG editor you're using.

You can set up your image libraries in two ways (static or dynamically):

Static libraries:

$cfg['ilibs'] = array (	
	array (
		'value'	=> '/dev/im/assets/images/',  // absolute path to your pictures				
		'text'	=> 'Site Pictures',
	array (
		'value'	=> '/dev/im/assets/gallery/', 				
		'text'	=> 'Gallery',

Dynamic libraries

$cfg['ilibs_dir'] 	= array( '/dev/pictures/', '/dev/images/' );

The aforementioned main directories will be scanned for sub-directories and all directories will be listed in iBrowser.

WYSIWYG editor interfaces

If you download iBrowser you'll find some predefined files in the ibrowser/interfaces directory. Currently interfaces for tinyMCE, SPAW, FCKeditor, Xinha, and HTMLarea are provided. Please visit the respective user forums for detailled instructions on how to setup a plugin.


If you use one of my scripts, I'd really like you to donate some little money with paypal to keep the development going.

Note: after donating, you will receive an automatic e-mail notification by PayPal. So if you donate as a company, you should be able to use that notification for your tax records.

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